Five in a row - but was this the toughest yet?

Watch the full, fascinating interview with @MercedesAMGF1 boss Toto Wolff >>

One incident, two drivers, thousands of opinions...


A moment, and a trophy to treasure for @LewisHamilton

🇧🇷 (sound ON)

A fifth title has been confirmed for @MercedesAMGF1 but who will win the midfield mini-battles? 🤔

Take a bow, Max and Danny - you lit up Interlagos on Sunday 🔥

@redbullracing 🇧🇷

It was a “fun” fight, say @Carlossainz55 and @HulkHulkenberg but their bosses must have been watching through their fingers on that opening lap 😮 >> 🇧🇷

What's been your favourite bit of track action this season?

Go here >> and choose one of the six clips

The one with the most votes will be entered into the FIA "Action of the Year" competition. Hurry! The vote closes at 1pm GMT today (Nov 13)

Started P17 😕
Finished P17 🙁

@alo_oficial: “Our race plan backfired” >>


Happy 19th Birthday @LandoNorris 🎉

Since it's your special day, time for someone else to put the kettle on ☕️

Milk, no sugar, please, @alo_oficial 😉


Mercedes left Brazil on cloud nine - but who else was smiling in Sao Paulo? 😃

And who headed home after a weekend to forget? 🙄

Winners and losers >>

Desirable Skills: Team Radio Engineer 😉

Diplomat 😐

Good listener 🗣

Thick skin 🤬

🇧🇷 @ToroRosso

No hard feelings... 🤝👍👀

🇧🇷 @Max33Verstappen @OconEsteban


Five years of dominance from @MercedesAMGF1 = a place in the all-time top five 👀


Three-way battle for P3 still alive 👀

And P8 up for grabs in Abu Dhabi 🤞


Blink and you may actually miss it... 😮

At the , @ScuderiaFerrari became the first team since Williams in June 2016 to dip under 2 seconds for a pit stop 💨

Got a question about *that* race in Brazil, or anything else F1-based? 🇧🇷

It's F1 Inbox time again 🤔

Ask away using - our panel of experts will be answering a selection in the coming days 👨‍💻

New addition to the next pre-race briefing:

"Watch out for flying tablets in the pit lane..." 👀🔍🤷‍♂️😏

🇧🇷 @danielricciardo @Ericsson_Marcus

From 🤬 ➡️ 🤝

After tensions boiled over in Brazil, @Max33Verstappen and @OconEsteban make their peace 👀


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