🇬🇧 Fuji San + Toyota home victory + GTE action packed race= a frantic motorsport festival for the ! 🗻
🇯🇵 富士山+トヨタの地元での勝利+アクションいっぱいのGTEレース=富士6時間のモータースポーツフェスティバル スーパーシーズン4戦目のレースをお楽しみください。🗻


Arigato gozaimasu Japanese fans! Thank you for your full commitment, your limitless passion and your legendary kindness!
日本のファンの皆様、メルシーボクー。真剣な観戦、熱き情熱、それから伝統のおもてなしに感謝します。2019年10月6日の富士戦でお会いしましょう。🎌 t.co/Nyn0uDp5aw

Up next : 6 Hours of Shanghai, land of the dancing dragon on November 17 and 18! See you next month for more Super Season cracking action in China! 🇨🇳🐲


🇬🇧 Race highlight video is available for you to enjoy the thrilling 6 Hours of Fuji again! Enjoy!

🇯🇵 レースハイライトで富士6時間のスリルに満ちたレースをお楽しみください。 t.co/XsRY7TQQ74

.@Project1_93 claimed its first GTE Am victory of the season. Congrats to @JBergmeister @plindsey73 and Egidio Perfetti! Champagne! 🏆🇩🇪🍾 t.co/ZUekhqunvB

.@PorscheRaces #92 @kevinestre @ChristensenMK won the 6 Hours of Fuji GTE battle! And this is how they celebrate their victory 👀👇 t.co/Q8htnGzfQT

First class win of the season in LMP2 for @jazemanjaafar @weirontan @nabiljeffri, a well-deserved celebration @DCRacing_Team @JotaSport ! 🏆🇨🇳🍾 t.co/rVfTlw1GMh

Champagne shower for the home heroes! Congrats to @Toyota_Hybrid #7 crew @kamui_kobayashi @Mikeconway26 and @pechito37 on winning the ! 🏆🇯🇵💯


🇬🇧#56 Team @Project1_93 @PorscheRaces achieve first ever WEC win after tight LMGTE Am. Congratulations!!! 🏆

🇯🇵LMGTE Amクラスではチーム・プロジェクト1のポルシェが厳しい戦いの末WEC初勝利。


🇬🇧 @DCRacing_Team claim 1-2 as @jazemanjaafar @weirontan @nabiljeffri take first WEC win for all-Malaysian crew! Congrats!

🇯🇵LMP2ではジャッキー・チェンDCレーシングが1位2位独占。ジャゼマン・ジャファール、ウェイロン・タン、ナビル・ジェフリのマレーシア人ドライバーはWEC初優勝。 t.co/qxZYdsddne

🇬🇧@PorscheRaces take the LMGTE-Pro silverware with @kevinestre & @ChristensenMK in no.92 Porsche. Congratulations!

🇯🇵LMGTE Proクラスではケビン・エストレとマイケル・クリステンセンのポルシェ911RSR92号車が優勝。


🇬🇧 Chequered Flag out, the 6th home victory for @Toyota_Hybrid at Fuji. Congtratulations #7 @kamui_kobayashi @Mikeconway26 @pechito37 🏆



🇬🇧Final Lap


Total overtakes per category:

LMP1 | 3 176 overtakes
LMP2 | 1 750 overtakes
GTE Pro | 948 overtakes
GTE Am | 627 overtakes


🇬🇧Last pit-stop for both LMP leading cars @Toyota_Hybrid (LMP1) and @SignatechAlpine (LMP2) just 30min remains.



All 👀 on @JensonButton's steering wheel. The British driver is currently P7 overall. 🇯🇵🎌💯

@SMP_Racing t.co/vkWb72avGk

🇬🇧@FordPerformance is playing pinball with @SignatechAlpine and @FerrariRaces 🎮



TEAM 📻 #8 @Toyota_Hybrid "@alo_oficial don't take too much risk, don't take too muche risk..."


TEAM 📻 @Toyota_Hybrid #7 "We have a little damage on the rear end..."

@Mikeconway26 t.co/K2RIP6PLjE

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