A total of 16 regular or occasional @fiaf3europe drivers will contest the prestigious 2018 that also represents the @FIA : bit.ly/2J6ev1g t.co/2xjkQcLnZV

This was the 2018 @fiaf3europe season. An exciting and close competition till the end. Enjoy the season review: facebook.com/fiaf3europe/video t.co/dYTtHuBcrp

You just can´t get enough? Then watch again the highlights of our final round 10 at @GermanGrandPrix : bit.ly/2PCKyIT t.co/LELUPpCOuu

The @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 squad has done it once again and secured the @fiaf3europe Championship Team title. This year, the colours of the Italian team were represented by @gyzhou_33, @SchumacherMick, @aron_ralf and @ShwartzmanRob: bit.ly/2QTX3Qy t.co/o8WVzPRvbx

For more than four years, @SchumacherMick of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 has been a motor racer and in two of these years he raced in the @fiaf3europe. His experiences turned the inexperienced rookie into a top driver who proved to be invincible: bit.ly/2NHUyi4 t.co/TpZF3RGM9X

+++ RE-LIVE +++ Watch the final race of this weekend again. The whole race 30 is GO: youtube.com/watch?v=rWNSLbSOp_

+++ RE-LIVE +++ Did you miss race 2? There race where @SchumacherMick of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 became champion? Watch it again now: youtube.com/watch?v=duyPOkWkU8

He enjoyed this race a lot. Overall champion @SchumacherMick of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 after his second place in race 3 of this weekend: bit.ly/2Cf99PZ t.co/1ZkXuRjq1U

Robert Shvartzman of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 collected the winner’s trophy in the final race of the @fiaf3europe season. The Russian crossed the finish line more than ten seconds ahead of second-placed and team mate @SchumacherMick: bit.ly/2QPUJKe t.co/p2Hqa9FYxI

The 2018 @fiaf3europe championship has found a fantastic end. Thank you so much to all of you for following us. Race 3 is in the books. t.co/hd0fqrv4tG

What a nice surprise at the podium. @aron_ralf of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1 couldn´t even believe it. P3 in race 2: bit.ly/2CIj0Pc t.co/FmMxr3Hgu9

He made it on P2 in race 2. With this podium he crowned himself 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship champion: @SchumacherMick of @PREMA_Team @TheodoreRacing1: bit.ly/2A9ncp0 t.co/4hbjVNx7aE

It was not the easiest race for Jüri Vips of @TeamMotopark, but he won it! Congratulations to your result of race 2: bit.ly/2EjBZl0 t.co/eVQH09JnYT

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