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Motul Pole Award 100 Qualifying Race

Relive all the action from the 2021 Motul Pole Award 100, the qualifying race to set the field for the 2021 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship season op...

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#Nextcloud 3.14.0 for #Android is here!

🟢 Status setting support

🖇️ Multiple sharing links

📱 Sharing UI rewrite

🛎️ Enhanced notification support

➕ over 380 fixes and improvements

Read the blog for details and share your feedback!

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The Road Warrior: Librem 14

Ultra-portable workstation laptop that was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to #privacy, #security, and #freedom.

Currently $200 off!

Learn more:

Anyone running Jellyfin behind reverse nginx proxy with proxy_pass?

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Crossposted from the Bird 

ICYMI: A must-read on what happened yesterday and the continued developments which Apple is bullying HEY, with a series of articles and's tweetstorm rant (a must read itself).

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