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heads up: if you have bought/received games via Humble (of Humble Bundle) and would like to access them on Mac or Linux, you have until Jan 31 to download copies. After that, they will be gone forever, as Humble is moving to windows-only.


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What I don't understand is why some of the Sky team and F1 journalists seem to be fighting against the fans..while the fans are fighting for the sport?

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Tech preview: Sierra-style AGI graphics but in 3D, voxels w/ custom renderer. Hoping to build something with this engine.

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Mercedes are currently meeting to discuss their options, which include agreeing with the outcome of the protest hearings (i.e. doing nothing) or appealing. The matter would then go before CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport)

I wonder if race director Masi got pressured by the commercial show masters Liberty Media during the safety car phase to end the race under green flag conditions.

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So it's 39.12 and some very expensive lawyers that might yet decide the championship ..
"once the last lapped car has passed the leader the safety car will return to the pits at the end of the following lap"
That's the rule Mr Masi @FIA

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Max is an absolutely fantastic driver who has had an incredible season and I have nothing but huge respect for him, but what just happened is absolutely unacceptable. I cannot believe what we’ve just seen.

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@LeeMcKenzieTV The death of the sport of F1 and the rise of F1 sport entertainment. I’ve never see the rule book abused as much to twist the outcome on track in a race. I’m done.

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WTF a complete fix Red bull should be ashamed FIA shame on you

FARCIAL BEYOND BELIEVE, AS UNSPORTING AS IT GETS! Might quit following this sport after 35 years. Fuck the FIA & Liberty Show Wrestling mafia.

What? As mentioned on now the wave around is only optional. That's even worse regardless of this championship battle.

Waving around lapped cars is a rule that must also be removed from the rulebook.

Highly questionable if the race will get back to green, especially how long other SC phases took this year for comparatively small issues.

Dear @SkySportsF1 please re-adjust the volume balance between world feed & commentary to the usual level.

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10 second time penalty for Max. Result remains.

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What is this race??? No one knows what’s going on including the race director apparently!

Why must Verstappen give Hamilton the place? This has turned into a farce² thanks to the FIA.

If the FIA's sporting rules are there to create one farce after another they are a gigantic success.

FOM's censorship machine was running very well during the 🤬 The host country might even offer FOM a contract to run Saudi TV in the future.

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