Ed Jones 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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A shocking, disturbing story from @YahooNews: The CIA, led by Mike Pompeo under Trump, repeatedly and seriously considered extrajudicially kidnapping and even assassinating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. news.yahoo.com/kidnapping-assa

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Waydroid is finally working on Manjaro Plasma mobile 👍🤘🤘

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Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs, which now have RCE and LPE vulns.

Microsoft don’t have an auto update mechanism, so now you need to manually upgrade the agents you didn’t know existed as you didn’t install them. wiz.io/blog/secret-agent-expos

The post race penalty for Verstappen just announced is one of the most ridiculous penalty decisions by FIA. Along the way they put a bad taste on a great day of GP racing. Always bet on idiotic race control to mess things up, so nothing new in that regard.

Verstappen got some of his own medicine from Hamilton there. Bad ontrack manners, Verstappen at Imola & earlier today, now Hamilton. Now let's go McLaren!!!

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Re: the Sainz crash
The FIA now have both the safety data recorder and the high speed camera recording to look at
The high speed camera by @MarelliTech runs at 400fps to record the driver's head movement during the crash
It was mounted on the chassis, but is now in the halo

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It's frustrating to hear the likes of @MBrundleF1 say its better than a practice session. Yes, true, *but it dilutes the main show*! Let's not dilute the main show for an extra 30 minute race.

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That was dull, sorry. If people think that was exciting, please take the rose tinted glasses off.

At least they dare to climb the podium in wet conditions.

Race control should stop this farce right now! The money is in the bag anyway so Liberty & FOM couldn't care less.

Staggering amount of ignoring the rules by race control today.

I'd be surprised if Russell wasn't on a full wet setup. Teammate Latifi was also fast, so I guess Williams bet on rain conditions.

If only these MiSTer kits wouldn't be as expensive they would be a no-brainer instead of software emulation for many vintage systems.
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Time for my (belated) 5K follower giveaway! Winner gets their choice of kit (color, and IO board)! To enter: follow, like, and quote retweet adding something interesting. Winner will be chosen on 8/15/21 at whatever time I feel like. Tweet me if I forget, haha.

Turns out the FIA's/@F1's anti racism message is fake if Vettel isn't allowed to wear that T-shirt whenever he wants. I guess the organizers are already nervous about how that could go at the Saudi Arabia GP 😂

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The EU Commission wants to ban cash payments above 10,000 euros and anonymous payments with “virtual cash” (cryptocurrencies). Theses attacks on cash and virtual cash will eventually result in financial paternalism! My statement: patrick-breyer.de/en/pirate-me

Pathetic driving by Bottas & Stroll. Russel will have enjoyed the view :-)

DHL lost it a pretty long time ago. It seems the only thing they still deliver well are packages from Amazon. I'm personally still waiting for a refund from them since April & the only way to actually get a reply from someone is Twitter 😲🤦‍♂️
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DHL sent ALL PinePhones to New Zealand instead of their actual destinations 🤦. How this happened is beyond us. This is a blunder on their part, but ultimately we're the ones that g…

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So the JP will apparently support many "flavours", with flashable Android and Linux ROMs.

Both the Linux and the Android systems are shown in the video demo. twitter.com/JingOS_official/st

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