Is it me or is Di Resta's commentary set way too loud? He sounds louder than Crofty which means something. The engines barely audible. 😕

Congrats to Ericsson who *deservedly* wins the lottery called . however is a thing of the past for me, I'm out after more than 30 years of following this discipline of motor racing. Enough is enough.

RT @Bpekay1
Red flagging a race to set up a sprint destroyed the integrity of racing. It would be like if there was 5 minutes left in a football game, the refs decided to bring the score back to 0-0.

I'm not a fan of Ganassi racing, I was always supporting other teams so they were arch rivals, but they had this in the bag fair and square. Even if my favorite driver should now win the race it would mean nothing. Racing this way isn't a sporting competition.

FUCK race control! Turning this into a staged show! now officially sucks as much as & , etc.. Pro motorsports goes down the drain. What a shame!

Digital distortions on the soundtrack of the European feed for the just like usual since forever. Hey @IndyCar, it's 2022 by now, the RealPlayer days are long gone.

So considering the inital tire choice on the original start which didn't happen, race control saved Ferrari & RBR a huge amount of points. Overall one of the worst ever .

Another lap wasted due to that awfully unsporting rule to let lapped cars unlap themselves.

LOL, Stroll and Latifi chrashing on the out lap. Who else but them?

RT @virtualstatman
Look at those tyre selections. What a start THAT would have been!

Most dangerous part of the 2022 is if the the VIP lounges run dry before the circuit is.

Due to this pathetic race control waiting for bone dry track conditions the is gonna clash with the broadcast. 😡 goes green when rockets are hitting next to a circuit but not if some water falls from the sky. 🤔🤦‍♂️

This could've become a legendary 1996-like opening phase of the race, but no, race control prevents it.

No fan wants to see the safety car opening the race 🤦‍♂️Also this wait should not happen, wth is race control thinking?

That camera angle at Piscine which had when Martin Brundle was just reporting live from on-track was awesome. Why does the world feed near always just feature the usual shots from outside corners I always wondered about since F1 Digital+ went down.

The stuttering/breakups of the onboard camera footage FOM is currently serving us is just awful. There was live broadcasting from the moon decades ago yet FOM can't provide glitch free onboards in 2022. 🤦‍♂️

No post race show rounds out an awful evening of coverage. Only Calderon performed worse today. 😄

Huge technical issues on live broadcast today. Unwatchable unless muted 😡

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