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Manyverse is receiving an initial grant from @NgiZero@twitter.com (via NLNet) to deliver exactly what's in our feature roadmap! Read more: manyver.se/blog/2019-06-update twitter.com/NgiZero/status/115

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If only @C4F1@twitter.com could cover every race live. It's so much more entertaining overall & the commentary team of Edwards, Coulthard and Webber was great , too.

This is awesome Grand Prix racing that would never happen on a Tilkedrom IMO. Great commentary on @C4F1@twitter.com, too! Shame about the safety car though & of course FOM's "performance".

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Exceptional racing between the Mercedes. Awful crowd cut.

Now would be the time for FOM to show replays, but they decided to do it while RBR and Ferrari were on their flying laps. *facepalm*

The only live qualifying session with Ben Edwards commentating and now these sound issues :-( Sky Germany non-commentary stream on full volume for the rescue.

sadly suffering from static sound in the background :-(

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In 2013, the UK Govnt denied its “bulk” surveillance practices.

Today, after @Snowden@twitter.com revelations & 6yrs of our litigation, the UK Govnt admitted to Europe’s highest human rights court that it conducts bulk surveillance - and that even the court’s emails would be captured. Wow. twitter.com/bbw1984/status/114

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Amazon confirms it keeps your Alexa recordings basically forever arstechnica.com/?p=1531281

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Cloudflare is down again (including Cloudflare itself...) which means that we're down too :| cloudflarestatus.com/incidents

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Kennt ihr schon das neue Online-Tool für Terminfindung und Umfragen von @Digitalcourage

Sieht cool aus und ist eine tolle Alternative zu #Doodle - ausprobieren und weiterempfehlen:


#Datenschutz #Umfragen

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Me at Pikes Peak Intl Hill Climb 50 years ago today. It was pure madness, but incredible. Advice I wish I had gotten: Don't look down or it will scare the bejesus out of you-and there is no point seeing where you don't want to go. @PPIHC@twitter.com @PikesPeakSummit@twitter.com

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F1🏎️ - Mercedes fail to equal the all-time Formula 1 record for most consecutive Grand Prix wins by a constructor, set by McLaren in 1988 (11 races).

Investigating that maneuver at all is a joke only race direction could come up with.

Ridiculous TV direction, FOM switching to fans when Verstappen's overtaking maneuver on Vettel wasn't even fully completed.

Hm, I've now got contrasting info about which corner was actually renamed today. If anyone knows the correct answer please let my know.

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