Wer sich ein schönes Sammlerstück ins Osternest legen will... wir hätten da was!
Wir verlosen ein "Monkey Island"-Artwork, handsigniert vom Schöpfer Ron Gilbert.
Zur Teilnahme benötigen wir einen Retweet und einen Affen-Kommentar eurer Wahl.

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Freie Software ist von jetzt an Standard in Dortmund! Gratulation für die neu gewonnene Souveränität, @stadtdortmund! Danke an @do_foss für die Starthilfe.


The media is not allowed to interview the race director on camera! Fits some of the regimes Liberty Media signed Grand Prix contracts with.

So you can drive off circuit again & again gaining an advantage in time & tire stress, but overtaking once on the same line is forbidden. 🤦‍♂️ It's a shame race control is allowed to keep working like that.

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Can you believe it? 😳 362.4 km/h!!!

@JohannZarco1 just set a new top speed record in @MotoGP with his Ducati Desmosedici GP 🚀


Summary of today's qualifying coverage: always bet on & FOM to spoil the fun. Advertbreaks, virtual advertisements, messed up volume levels, TV director showing cars warming up while others are on timed laps. Icing on cake was Verstappen playing with food afterwards🤦‍♂️

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We pay enough for for you not to cram adverts into one hour practice sessions and now qualifying.

@SkyUK @SkySportsF1

You've done it you've managed to make your coverage even worse.

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Johnny Dumfries, 1958 - 2021

From a van driver for Frank Williams, to being Ayrton Senna's team mate, and Le Mans glory, his was an extraordinary life characterised by boundless spirit and energy

We send our condolences to his friends and family


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This year FIA ​​will carry out exhaustive checks on one random car at the end of each GP. Teams must have equipment and personnel available to completely disassemble the car and have available software and all needed for deep checks. Under parc ferme regulations

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📣 bit.ly/3qWpS0b

Rakete 🚀 für endlose digitale Weiten gesucht? Könnt ihr haben! 2x @SamsungDE 980 PRO SSDs mit jeweils 500 GB Kapazität stehen bereit.

Die Aufgabe: Beitrag RETWEETEN ▶ Account FOLGEN ▶ abwarten und ☕ trinken.

Wir drücken die 👍!

Sad to hear about the death of the likable and funny Sabine Schmitz, the most successful female driver on the daunting Nürburgring Nordschleife. She didn't need artificial crap like the W Series to battle it out with the boys in the "Green Hell". Here's onboard footage of her slicing through the field during a VLN race in typical weather conditions: youtube.com/watch?v=sP7aFlznAk

Murray Walker: Former F1 commentator dies at 97 bbc.in/3cuKY0A

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We are immensely sad to hear that Murray Walker has passed away.
His passion and love of the sport inspired millions of fans around the world. He will forever be a part of our history, and will be dearly missed.

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Graham Hill, Lotus, treinos para o Grande Prêmio de Mônaco de 1970. @HillF1

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@vonpecka The Commission's response is disappointing. The EU currently limits anonymous e-money payments to 150 € without differentiation. The inventors explain why this is not compatible with the EU's data protection objectives in its statement: taler.net/en/news/2021-02.html (2/2)

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🇬🇧 The GNU Taler payment system allows customers to pay anonymously while the merchant remains identifiable & taxable. @vonpecka and I have asked the Commission for an assessment of the privacy-friendly concept: europarl.europa.eu/doceo/docum (1/2)

That's an awful livery on the just presented @ScuderiaFerrari , one of the worst in SF's history. Let's hope there's at least a legal power unit in the car.

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Well done @fsfe.

"Lenovo was ordered to pay 20,000 euros in damages for abusive behaviour in denying to refund the price of a pre-installed Windows licence"


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