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Facebook’s new App Privacy report on the App Store is really something...

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Every time Google goes down, a thousand nerds cry out, wishing they'd installed actual lightswitches

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Microsoft Teams for Education knows what students are doing late at night.


Batocera version 29 adds the possibility to run Windows games:
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@STP_KITT It’s Wine, and we tried to make it as comprehensive as possible: 32 and 64-bit Windows games support (and WoW64), DXVK, Proton, wine-tricks, pad-to-keyboard mapping... it’s a state-of-the-art implementation, really.

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The #XMPP Newsletter for November 2020 is out!

This is the last newsletter for this year! Thanks to everyone contributing!
Read about an important circumstance regarding certificates to all parties involved in XMPP! Also updates for several clients and servers!
xmpp.org/2020/11/newsletter-11 #federated #decentralization #standards

Reigning World Champions in wasting money, German public broadcasting service, will go to court to demand even more money in order to defend their title.
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ARD-Vorsitzender Tom Buhrow zu Sachsen-Anhalt: „Weder Sachargumente noch die Empfehlung der KEF spielten eine Rolle. Ohne die ausreichende, unabhängig ermittelte Finanzierung wird das Programm, das in allen Regionen verwurzelt ist, darunter leiden.“

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I spoke to @CixLiv a few days after his first social media posts describing how @YUR_fit was being blocked, broken, & ultimately cloned by Oculus Move. He says he was forced out of the company for speaking out about Facebook's anti-competitive behaviors.

The quirks of today's gaming industry🤦‍♂️
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Here's what you need to know about creating your video content before the release:

IMO the should always take place on that outer layout of the @BAH_Int_Circuit that was used today for the .

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Would you find it useful to synchronize file attachments for events? (would require collaboration with 3rd party calendar app developers)

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If you disable SIP on an Apple Silicon Mac, you lose support for the Apple DRM. (FairPlay)

Your iOS apps will not run on the system and some media playback might be affected/become unavailable.

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Pre-Orders for the KDE Community edition are open! Get a glimpse of the future of free and open mobile phones, experiment with all the new features, and help us turn into a mature mobile OS.



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