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So the JP will apparently support many "flavours", with flashable Android and Linux ROMs.

Both the Linux and the Android systems are shown in the video demo. twitter.com/JingOS_official/st

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According to Mercedes GPS data Max Verstappen turned into Copse corner 1 km/h faster than on his best lap in qualifying. Despite 100 kg of fuel and harder tyres.

AMuS (in German): auto-motor-und-sport.de/formel

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel arrived in Hungary displaying their support of LGBTQ+ rights, in response to recent Hungarian legislation 🏳️‍🌈

📝 @LukeSmithF1 explains why their support is important:


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"Apple restricts the access researchers have to iOS in a way that limits the ability of consumers to discover when they’ve been hacked." washingtonpost.com/technology/

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Hungary gave the most incriminating response I've ever seen to a request for comment on the surveillance scandal. I mean, whenever I'm "not aware" of whether I did something or not, I demand to know if foreign spies tipped you off about it.

LINK: theguardian.com/news/2021/jul/

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@AmnestyTech (1) @AmnestyTech saw an iOS 14.6 device hacked with a zero-click iMessage exploit to install Pegasus. We at @citizenlab also saw 14.6 device hacked with a zero-click iMessage exploit to install Pegasus. All this indicates that NSO Group can break into the latest iPhones.

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BREAKING: massive, global leak of the targets of NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. *huge deal.*

Forensic investigation by @AmnestyTech
in collaboration with @FbdnStories reporters.

We @citizenlab conducted peer review.

Here's an explainer THREAD.

75% blame on Hamilton I'd say. Verstappen could've scored more points though if he would've given up that corner.

Thanks to FOM for letting us wait in the dark for a minute regarding the scene of the accident.

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Dear @F1,

Sprint qualifying - boring and unnecessary, nothing sprint like about it, it was just a mini race. 🥱
Max didn’t even seem bothered at the end, unlike when they get pole on qualifying day and are buzzing at the result.

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Absolute waste of time this "Sprint" is. Can we just agree it's a shambles and absolutely not what is all about? And then a parade lap? No man, who we kidding. Can we just have the race....

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@SpannersReady No thanks real qualy is much more exciting .

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Isn’t this exciting… watching cars fight for 6th and 7th …. exactly the same as the race …. but will still tell us how exciting it all is

sprint race turned out to be a useless gimmick that does only devalue qualifying, practice 2 & the Grand Prix itself. Liberty Media should go & play elsewhere.

Wth... those arcade racing game graphics! FOM has now totally lost it.

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McLaren removed the "R" shaped vane at the floors trailing edge for Silverstone

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