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South Korea is planning Linux migration as Windows 7 support ends.

The interior ministry will begin test-running Linux on its PCs. if no issues arise, Linux systems will be introduced more widely within the government.

They don't mention any specific distro such as Ubuntu, yet in future "hope to avoid building reliance on a single OS" which the case is now with Win7.

Linux ecosystem is flexible / adaptive.

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#Korea #Linux #SouthKorea #Yonhap #deleteMicrosoft

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OK friends of free and open/libre Android apps: My repo now also shows screenshots in the web browser, if there are any (and you use the web frontend). Should affect about any 2nd app. Enjoy!

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iOS: Twitter entschuldigt sich, weil in bestimmten Fällen »irrtümlicherweise« GPS-Daten gesammelt wurden - und sogar an Partner weitergeleitet.

Wer genug von fadenscheinigen Ausreden hat, der nimmt eine Alternative wie Mastodon. :mastoblush:

WhatsApp discovered in early May that attackers were using zero day exploit developed by NSO Group that installed malware on a user's iPhone or Android phone simply by calling them. Target did not have to answer phone to be infected, and calls often disappeared from call logs

French open software campaigners have launched a crowdfunding to create an ethical replacement for Facebook Events:

It would be compatible with services like Mastodon which are already used by millions.

RT Have you seen ? is comming to client :-)

new phone ( to ), new number.

move no way.

move a mess.

get your photos out of ? a mess.

thank you creators of open protocols like .

you did great things to the world. and we messed it up.

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Hmm. Der Dudenverlag leitet alle auf seiner Website nachgeschlagenen Wörter an Facebook - inklusive evtl. vorhandener FB-Cookies, so dass die Anfragen dort personenbezogen ausgewertet werden können.

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Conversations is available for free on the Google Play Store until Tuesday May 7th. Perfect opportunity to convince your friends of XMPP.

"Nokia phones come with a handful of system apps that strongly modify the system behaviour, send user data to Taiwan, and cannot be disabled or uninstalled"

Unabhängig machen von WhatsApp & Co. – XMPP-basierte Chat-App bis 7. Mai kostenlos im PlayStore beziehen

I can't click anywhere apart from via "Expand this status" in the three-dotted-menu to open this toot which consists just of a single picture:
So is this a problem of my browser or a or feature?

Does anyone have an explanation why according to the developers needs to be updated to fix *the issue* when in fact the expired certificate caused the problem? I find that really strange, not to say suspicious.

Hey Why are you telling people it's already been fixed on your Spanish tweets? It has not. Are you lying? Did they get a 'fix' the rest of us didn't? Still no add-ons here. "ya esta solucionado" = "already solved"
I'm calling BS.

Uh huh... an update? Please enlighten me. How does a browser update fix an expired security certificate?
Last I checked that had nothing to do with /our/ browsers but needs to be renewed on /YOUR/ end.

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German IT site Heise:
*Security gaps and lack of data protection: Microsoft fails at Office365*
(in German)
Remember, #nextcloud lets you host a full team productivity solution on your own terms!

Just started up a which yesterday had automatically re-enabled all my installed addons & has now *disabled* them all again! 😡 That's it, it's good bye now to @mozilla @firefox. It has been my primary browser since one of it's very first releases despite having to work around so many awful changes it went through over the years. Big thanks to Mozilla anyway, since it saved me from having to use even worse browsers & now enables me to choose a fork.

RT The problem is that I need to connect on twitter, to know its a bug ! Can't you inform us faster ? Its a critical error, and you know it ! Crisis communication dudes ??

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