@F1 website still shows the 2018 season schedule. 👏 I guess everybody at FOM is still busy trying to get all fan uploaded content off of YouTube. I mean the website was awful anyway, but now it's borderline useless if it doesn't even present the most basic information up front.

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so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

Follow up to my report about failing to install neon on Ryzen APU based system: I tried to use which in contrast to my previous experiences with it was awful. I got it installed however the process was a mess & I wasn't able to install Plasma. I then went on to the Plasma flavour of . Installation was a breeze, however the system locked up on the first update & after that Plasma was dead & pacman also. I then tried 18.10 & that's what finally runs well.

I'm really disappointed right know about the AMD Ryzen APU in terms of compatibility. I gave the development plenty of time until I built this new system & I expected that everything works ootb on neon (Ubuntu 18.04 base) but it was an epic fail. Booting into the live environment gave me an unusable split screen mirrored image & booting with nomodeset results in a black screen. I'm out of ideas since there is no textmode installer sadly. 😪

I won a Zeraora code & since I don't even know what that is I'll give it away here. First one to reply will get the code.

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Haas originally finished P6 in Italy with Romain Grosjean

Renault disputed the legality of Haas' floor, and Grosjean was disqualified

Haas appealed the decision - but it's been upheld, meaning no points

Full details on the ruling >> f1.com/Haas-Appeal t.co/hXuBaWqjlQ

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spritpreisalarm.de - Keine Cookies, keine Third-Party Requests, kein JavaScript notwendig. Auch Aufruf via Tor-Browser möglich.

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We are looking for more maintainers for specific apps in #FDroid. Here is a list of some that would need some love:

* GNU #Ring
* #VLC
* #Fennec
* #Vespuccio
* #GhostCommander
* #Linphone

If you know how to build software in general, no particular Android experience is required. This can be picked up as you go :)

All of those already have working recipes available but all of them also have quirks that require manual action when updating.

Please get in contact, if you use one of these and are interested!

If you're using the client Conversations & your device is running Android 5.1 or 6 don't upgrade Conversations to version 2.3.0 & 2.3.1 because you can't receive & send OMEMO encrypted messages then. A fix is underway.

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Allegedly a supply chain attack on Supermicro's servers installed small CPUs disguised as passive capacitors on the mainboard that were able to take over the BMC, which could then compromise the main CPU:

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was hampered by FOM TV, Emirates, Pirelli, Rolex, DRS & @MercedesAMGF1. Thanks!

What about track limits? Hamilton was off circuit in three corners.

First UEFI rootkit out in the wild reported by ESET & named . Surely nobody could foresee that 🙄

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First screenshot of the #XMPP client #Kaidan on @UBports Ubuntu Touch with correct scaling! Thanks to Dalton Durst and @Jbb for this! Because we're using @kde's Kirigami UI toolkit it all #PlasmaMobile apps should run fine on UT, now.



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Ilya Bizyaev is currently working on Mac OS X and iOS builds of the #XMPP client #Kaidan.

Here's a first screenshot:

Hey @lnj , is there an official Kaidan XMPP-MUC?

After several month I can finally login into Kaidan's GitLab again despite having changed nothing on my side in the meantime. I'll need to catchup on the changelog now to see how far this promising client by @lnj has come.

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