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Before I merge the #Adebar devel branch for the final release: Any feedback on the rewrite? Did you try it out? If not, I just added instructions for a "quick start" which might be interesting to you. Find the latest development version at – and some (sanitized) "real device doc" at (from a Samsung device, so lots of bloat in). Let me know what you think, please – else this will just be v2.0.0 as-is 😉

That was a good but FOM's broadcast had the usual issues, biggest of all: WTH are the producers thinking to censor the drivers' "end racism"/#BLM protest when @F1 promoted that topic that much. Epic fail!

What a joy to see the red cheaters out of the first. 🤘

F1TV refunds are not for everybody! 🤦‍♂️ Once the money is cashed in doesn't care about it's fans.
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@gotem87 Okay, extensions aren't for third party subscriptions (through an app store) - which is why you wouldn't have received an email

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Mobian Project Wants to Bring Debian GNU/Linux to Mobile Devices

Good summary about FOM's "performance" in broadcasting of which is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsports, certainly not the case in terms of motorsports broadcasting.
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@f1broadcasting There have been so many issues with out of sync cameras over the last couple of years, which I swear never used to be a problem...?!

Assuming trackside cameras are 'live', the on-boards are usually 1 second behind, whilst …

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Ferrari's 'back to the future' floor edge. As practiced in FP1 Austria R02. More angled slots, less long slots.

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Es Leclerc el q finalmente está probando el nuevo fondo de Ferrari. Cortes de 45 grados, estilo Mercedes.

Is Leclerc who is finally testing the new Ferrari's floor. 45 degrees cuts, Mercedes style.

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According to our info there will be a fourth European triple header after Sochi (Oct 11/18/25) with races at Hockenheim, Imola & Portimao. Order of the 3 GPs still to be decided. Montreal race in November unlikely. China cancelled already.

AMuS (German):

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Red Bull's updated rear wing endplate for Austria #2
Quite a bit of external influence here.
Originally spotted by @AlbertFabrega

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Ferrari updated front wing for Austria #2
More benign wing profiles, harder working endplate
Originally spotted by @AlbertFabrega

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So if anybody has elantech touchpads, would be helpful if you can provide me some libinput recordings.

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After the city of #Barcelona and the Parliament of #Asturias now the Municipality of #Benigànim, #Spain, commits to the principles of our #publiccode campaign by publishing any publicly financed software development as #FreeSoftware. They also plan to gradually switch to Free Software in all municipal facilities.

Bad . At least the result is kind of representative.

Safety car again! Did people from racecontrol sneak into F1's or what?

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