Multi-user chats are often divided into two use cases: Groups and Channels. In Groups you talk with specific people about varying topics, while in Channels you talk with a changing set of people about a specific topic.
Dino displays a list of member names as the default Group name and uses member avatars to generate a default Group avatar. Both features wouldn't make sense in a Channel with a continuously changing set of members. #Dino #XMPP


I like the avatar thing, Conversations does it that way, too. However does Dino instead of showing the member names give the user the option to show the group name/description which the group creator gave to it?

@STP_KITT @dino
Conversations also generates the default avatars of public Channels from member avatars. Dino recently stopped doing that and now only does that for Groups, hence the explanatory toot.

Yes, if a name or description is set, Dino will show it also for Groups. The list of names is only the default.

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