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GIVEAWAY! 'Retweet' and 'like' this tweet to go into the running to win a copy of the 1989 Adelaide Grand Prix program. Winner announced on August 31.

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For crying out loud, do you literally want me to give a lecture to the folk at Biggin Hill/Princes Gate on how to de-interlace video properly (among other things), so that it doesn't turn into a blurry mess? I mean come on. It's not that difficult...

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A superb third place for @kvyatofficial@twitter.com yesterday - but it was very nearly second.

Sebastian Vettel went off in the Mercedes arena on the final lap. He then slowed down a lot in the Motodrom - where he crashed last year. Here's how close they were.

Start the *now*! I'm sick of this safety car running until it's near dry.

Is the onboard footage the only camera angle FOM has of Gasly's crash? LOL, I guess they were busy with the virtual ads.

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Footage from practice at Hockenheim for the German GP. 24th July 1992.

If only @C4F1@twitter.com could cover every race live. It's so much more entertaining overall & the commentary team of Edwards, Coulthard and Webber was great , too.

This is awesome Grand Prix racing that would never happen on a Tilkedrom IMO. Great commentary on @C4F1@twitter.com, too! Shame about the safety car though & of course FOM's "performance".

Now would be the time for FOM to show replays, but they decided to do it while RBR and Ferrari were on their flying laps. *facepalm*

The only live qualifying session with Ben Edwards commentating and now these sound issues :-( Sky Germany non-commentary stream on full volume for the rescue.

sadly suffering from static sound in the background :-(

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F1🏎️ - Mercedes fail to equal the all-time Formula 1 record for most consecutive Grand Prix wins by a constructor, set by McLaren in 1988 (11 races).

Investigating that maneuver at all is a joke only race direction could come up with.

Ridiculous TV direction, FOM switching to fans when Verstappen's overtaking maneuver on Vettel wasn't even fully completed.

Why name turn 1 Niki Lauda Kurve when the first left corner of the infield section has been the Niki Lauda Kurve in the past? Such names have zero value when they are changed around like that. @redbullAustria@twitter.com

What kind of fly-over was that? A private jet getting military escort? 🤔

That was one of the most boring races I ever saw, made even worse by DRS, a very lame pre-race coverage on & yet another farce by FOM. A reak showcase of the sad state @F1@twitter.com is in.

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Andreas Seidl just confirmed that McLaren will build a brand new wind tunnel at Woking that should be finished in two years time. McLaren right now is using the Toyota facilities at Cologne.

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