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Life's official test driver Franco Scapini behind the wheel of the L190, with the W12 engine and later, the Judd V8. Whether he completed many laps is unknown..... 1990. 🇮🇹

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Just goes to show that @f1 doesn’t need crappy , it’s a gimmick that enables fake overtakes that no one respects. Get rid of it!

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With DRS not available, drivers trying out moves in unusual areas is fantastic.

Some weeks ago: announcing becoming carbon neutral. Today: racing under floodlights which would be numerous enough to light up dozens of stadiums & a flyover with 9 jets. 🙄

Why does the FIA investigate all this *after* the race? Leclerc should absolutely not be allowed to start when he does not have the correct amount of fuel onboard. But it's FIA race control & Ferrari so I'm not surprised at all.

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Latest in a long line of FIA interventions on fuel flow, with a new TD according to @amsonline.
The 100kg/hr is measured by a sensor in the tank. This is on the teams side of the loom/SECU. The fear is that signal could be interfered with before reaching the FIA hardware.

Just watched the "Michael Schumacher Story" on RTL. It was absolutely awful & had as many adbreaks as 90s live races on RTL. E.g. letting only Briatore & some drunken vandals on the '94 Hockenheim camping ground speak out about the Benetton controversies is ridiculous.

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No further action on @Carlossainz55@twitter.com and he officially gets a podium for 3rd. @McLarenF1@twitter.com’s first since @KevinMagnussen@twitter.com and @JensonButton@twitter.com finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2014 .

Racecontrol are working at a pace that rivals that of a Life L190 🙄 Otherwise we had long known the final result of the

What the fuck is this? That must be the most ridicolous safety car deployment ever. Morons in racecontrol 👎

FP1 is ongoing, decide to show the polelap from last year 🤦‍♂️

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@SkySportsF1@twitter.com can you show what happened to , and please, last lap crashes and drivers dropping out of points are important too?!? Maybe more important than chatting to Will-Iam and Matthew Mcconaughey?! 🤔🤬

Without DRS the duel between Hamilton & Bottas would still be going on.

Virtual advertisements in FP2 😬 I already deleted my FP1 recording to check if I just missed them while watching it live. I guess so since they're not animated & cameras at least don't focus on them too much like in prior races. FOM still sucks! @F1@twitter.com

Looks like FOM just granted us a free practice session without virtual adverstisement crap! A pleasure to watch! Keep it that way @F1@twitter.com!

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Renault making changes to their aero department. Peter Machin, Head of Aero, is leaving with immediate effect. Dirk De Beer takes over, with Vince Todd acting as Deputy for interim period. James Rodgers becomes Chief Aerodynamicist.

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Mercedes, Williams & Renault will run aero rakes to gather data about the new 2020 prototype tyres that will be tested in FP1. Bottas car has sensors mounted behind the front tyres, Hamiltons car behind the rears.

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