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We promised to publish the hardware schematics when the shipped and we delivered: Hardware Schematics and X-ray Scans for Librem 5 Birch puri.sm/posts/a-different-kind

I now went ahead trying to register for @kde Community Forums anyway. In the early procedure of registration they ask for your realname & later on they force you to choose a username based on that! Wtf?!? Enough is enough, I'll help other projects rather.

I now tried register to the @kde Community Forums to get in touch with the people but again: Google reCAPTCHA. What are they doing? In contrast to that registering for the KDE bugtracking system is completely free of any captcha! 🤔 🙄

I just wanted to translate some things in software, but it's way too complicated. It would take much longer to learn the system than doing the actual translation. I then tried to join the translation mailing list, but it's dependend on Google reCAPTCHA 🤦‍♂️ 😡 @kde

Hey @mxlinux you only link to your Twitter profile on your website. Please add the link to there!

Follow up to my report about failing to install neon on Ryzen APU based system: I tried to use which in contrast to my previous experiences with it was awful. I got it installed however the process was a mess & I wasn't able to install Plasma. I then went on to the Plasma flavour of . Installation was a breeze, however the system locked up on the first update & after that Plasma was dead & pacman also. I then tried 18.10 & that's what finally runs well.

I'm really disappointed right know about the AMD Ryzen APU in terms of compatibility. I gave the development plenty of time until I built this new system & I expected that everything works ootb on neon (Ubuntu 18.04 base) but it was an epic fail. Booting into the live environment gave me an unusable split screen mirrored image & booting with nomodeset results in a black screen. I'm out of ideas since there is no textmode installer sadly. 😪

After several month I can finally login into Kaidan's GitLab again despite having changed nothing on my side in the meantime. I'll need to catchup on the changelog now to see how far this promising client by @lnj has come.

Another project with the goal to deliver an open source mobile device. Let's wait & see what they'll come up with: necunos.com/mobile/.

I just tried to run KDE Connect on Windows & it works well. The feature set is currently reduced compared to running it on Linux, but the main functionality is there. 😎 I'll now try to pair the Windows instance to a Linux desktop. @KDE

Can anyone recommend a ~200 EUR or $ tablet with keyboard which is fully Linux compatible ootb without having to unlock bootloaders etc.? Does such a device exist even?

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