Hi @CardBookAddon@twitter.com , I have the following issue & wonder if you could comment on it. When I add an address on an Android device to a contact using the "Chat"-field of Android's contacts shouldn't that address after a CardDAV sync appear in Cardbook's IM address field?

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@STP_KITT@twitter.com @gael_duval@twitter.com @delta_chat@twitter.com Have you seen twitter.com/tigase/status/1124 ? is comming to client :-)

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new phone ( to ), new number.

move @SignalMessenger@twitter.com? no way.

move @WhatsApp@twitter.com? a mess.

get your photos out of ? a mess.

thank you creators of open protocols like .

you did great things to the world. and we messed it up.

XMPP-server 404.city cuts federation with jabber.at, jabber.zone & xmpp.zone because a jabber.zone user recommended Matrix instead of in a MUC and jabber.at admins didn't block that user for spamming. 😂 Summary: avoid using 404.city!

If you're using the client Conversations & your device is running Android 5.1 or 6 don't upgrade Conversations to version 2.3.0 & 2.3.1 because you can't receive & send OMEMO encrypted messages then. A fix is underway.

After several month I can finally login into Kaidan's GitLab again despite having changed nothing on my side in the meantime. I'll need to catchup on the changelog now to see how far this promising client by @lnj has come.

Yeah, after a long pause Jabber.at registration is re-opened for new users.

Can't use jabber.at currently. Looking at jabber.at/certs/ all their certificates expired today!

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🇫🇷 Mastodon Racing est une instance fédérée du fediverse (OStatus & ActivityPub) principalement dédiée aux Sports Mécaniques et nouvelles technologies. Que vous soyez passionné·e ou non de sports mécaniques, vous êtes bienvenue sur cette instance, tout type de sujet y est accepté (actualité, politique, fiction, science, culture, etc.). La modération se fait en anglais ou en français.

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