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This could've become a legendary 1996-like opening phase of the race, but no, race control prevents it.

No fan wants to see the safety car opening the race 🤦‍♂️Also this wait should not happen, wth is race control thinking?

That camera angle at Piscine which had when Martin Brundle was just reporting live from on-track was awesome. Why does the world feed near always just feature the usual shots from outside corners I always wondered about since F1 Digital+ went down.

The stuttering/breakups of the onboard camera footage FOM is currently serving us is just awful. There was live broadcasting from the moon decades ago yet FOM can't provide glitch free onboards in 2022. 🤦‍♂️

No post race show rounds out an awful evening of coverage. Only Calderon performed worse today. 😄

Huge technical issues on live broadcast today. Unwatchable unless muted 😡

Anyone on Mastodon Racing accessing the instance via @apps? For me it stopped working. Fedilab tells me the instance is offline & I tried logging out & logging back it but login doesn't work. It also doesn't list when typing in the instance on the login "add account"-screen.

adds a good rule for a change.
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After the trials of cameras in Bell helmets since Spa last year it has been agreed to update the 2023 F1 Technical Regulations "mandating the use of these helmet cameras for all drivers from 2023 onwards."

With DRS enabled the Leclerc vs Perez duel would've ended minutes ago. Hopefully race control doesn't enable DRS, much better racing without it even when it means less overtakes. Can't stand commentators constantly calling for DRS.

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🇬🇧 Sad result on : Industry and government interests largely prevail over citizens' digital rights. The legislation does not deserve the name 'Digital Constitution'. Read on:

Anyone in @SkySportsF1 quality control awake?
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And for those watching the @F1 Q1 session, hopefully you can see what I mean. A few audible reactions a split second before it's unfolded on our TV screens.

That footage out of Leclerc's helmet was the best picture quality I ever saw from a visor cam. Kudos to FOM for a change & to the fact that they don't censor what's shown on the display like other awful racing series did.

And now the commercial break parade starts 😡

It could only happen between Latifi and Stroll 🥴

FOM must sort out the many signal breakups on the onboards. They are broadcasting from Albert Park with the digital onboard camera system for many years, so why can't they give us a clean signal from the beginning? 🙄

Major "human error" from race control who seem to be unable to see the safety car line. 🤦‍♂️The farce continues.

For @F1 CEO Domenicali a military conflict going on since 7 years is just a terrorist attack🤦‍♂️

Interestingly the newly introduced heavier wheels came off the wheel hubs when Schumacher crashed which means the wheel tethers in the suspension arms become useless.

Liberty Media boss Domenically didn't want to get lip read there when talking to Ferrari team principal Binotto. Looked really strange.

All those mask less "VIPs" mixing with team personel & drivers on the grid while for the drivers it still means getting infected with Covid means missing at least one race is ridiculous & therefor somehow typical of .

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