I'm sharing with you an interactive prototype of the app made with presentator.io to get the latest feedbacks for the app.

Not all clicks are binded to views (it's a prototype made with images) and all return don't get back to the last page view on the prototype but will be in the app.


Feel free to leave a comment.

The first version of is almost finished, the last optimizations and corrections are being finalized.

All major features and screens are present for a good start.

Having a preview of the next race, following all the news about , seeing the standings of drivers, constructors and past races, see detailed results of drivers and constructors per season and finally access the full schedule of the race of the season.

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is starting to take shape, the main screens are being refined to be ready before the start of the season and follow with a better experience.

You can already see the latest information screen, presenting the next race and the latest news.

The standings of drivers, teams and results of past races to follow the evolution of the season.

And finally, the schedule to have an overview of the dates and circuits of the Grand Prix of the season.

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je viens de le voir passer:

La #F1 reprend ce week-end, #Canalplus va diffuser en clair la course (les essais et les qualifs je crois pas), et #Grosjean sera consultant sur certaines courses. Curieux de voir Γ§a moi...

Du coup rdv ce week-end pour parler de F1 πŸ˜ƒ


One of the reasons I started working on Pitlane was the lack of a dark theme in the official Formula 1 application.

We are all used to dark and light themes in applications nowadays and being able to choose according to our preferences.

Styleguide !

The styleguide is the heart of visual identity that bring consistency, modularity and efficiency to the project.

As one of the main goals of the application is to build a minimalist design, the primary color is a delightfull dark blue contrasted with white and light gray and the secondary color is the official red used to emphasize on navigation and create a rhythm in the visual hierarchy.

App icon for "Pitlane" an open source formula 1 cross-platform application in active development I'm working on.

Pitlane is an application that allows you to follow Formula 1 and to have access to the historical data of this sport.

The initial goal is to find the same level of data as the official application, to implement a minimal design, a light and dark theme that adapts to the user's preferences and finally have access of data from previous seasons.

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